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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4th Annual Oscar Contest Results

The Oscars are over and it's time to finally announce the winner of the Oscar pool. We had 132 people enter, but one person managed to win the contest outright with 20 correct picks. I have included everyone that scored at least 18 picks, which was the same amount of picks I had this year.

20 Picks
Will Byrnes (Winner)

19 Picks
Jonathan Wells
Mike Tufo

18 Picks
Beth Hartnett
Eleanor Morse
Kirby Holt
Neil Lapinsky
William Smith

Congratulations to Will. I will be in contact with him shortly. I'm unsure if he is a LAMB. He didn't break my record to win the Fandango bucks, but he did win an Oscar poster directly from the Kodak Theater (site of the Oscars) and some swag I got from Sundance.

If anyone thinks there may have been a mistake with their ballot, then leave a comment on this post. I double checked the top finishers and everything looks good. If there are no problems after three days, then I will close the contest.

Here are also some random statistics from the contest that I found interesting.

75/132 predicted The King's Speech for Best Picture
24/132 predicted Tom Hooper for Best Director
66/132 predicted Melissa Leo for Best Supporting Actress
33/132 predicted Inception for Best Cinematography
39/132 predicted Inside Job for Best Documentary Feature
40/132 predicted Strangers No More for Best Documentary Short
30/132 predicted In a Better World for Best Foreign Language Film
11/132 predicted The Lost Thing for Best Animated Short
33/132 predicted God of Love for Best Live Action Short

Thanks again everyone for participating. See you next year for the 5th Annual contest.