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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim Welcomed Me to Hollywood

Click HERE to read an old post I did on my encounter with Corey Haim back in 2008.

I got to write something small about Corey Haim and his death at the age of 38. Was he the biggest child star? No. He didn't even make that many classic films. I think more of his appeal was the "Two Corey's" gimmick. Still, how can someone not like The Lost Boys?

As written in that previous post, I met Corey Haim randomly when I was working in the film industry only a few weeks after I started a job at a management company. A casting director rented office space from us and she was casting Crank 2. Corey had a small role in it and stopped by to read some lines. The reason this encounter is so memorable is the fact that as he was heading back to the casting director's office, he shook my hand, and said, "Welcome to Hollywood." That became somewhat of a running joke in the office that Corey Haim welcomed me to Hollywood.

During my brief conversation with him, he was a rather eccentric guy. You could tell he had been through a lot. He looked washed up, but his personality was great. He talked to me while I was covering the reception desk. He even took off his shirt and showed me his bat tattoo on his shoulder, which he got after doing The Lost Boys. He also talked about the excitement over the new film, which was a direct to video called The Lost Tribe. He had a cameo at the end of that film and told me there were plans to make another. I'm unsure if that was ever filmed.

Corey is not the only former child actor I've met in Hollywood. I also got extremely drunk with the kid from Free Willy (Jason James Richter) one night at a bar in Hollywood. Both guys were nice in their own ways, but you can see that being a child actor put a toll on them. So many of them struggle with substance abuse and have tough careers as an adult. That's what makes it even more sad when you hear news like this. Being a child actor is not as easy as it looks.

I guess the point of this whole thing is how you just never know. I'm just sad about the news. It's just odd to think that almost two years after that encounter, he's gone and I'm out of the industry (in a sense). Makes me kind of realize how things can change so sudden and you can't take anything for granted. His death just triggered something in me and I really need to make a better effort to get back into Hollywood. I'm too out of the loop right now. I need to write more and get another movie off the ground. It will always be my number one passion and I sometimes I do really miss it.

So thanks Corey for the welcome, the hospitality, and the reminder.

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