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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3rd Annual Oscar Contest Results

My apologies for the delay. We had 157 people enter the 3rd Annual Oscar Contest. I had hoped to get 100 people and we did much better than that. It took me longer than anticipated to add up the ballots. 

I can happily say that no one had 23 picks, so there will be no $100 Fandango Bucks given (Maybe next year?). I also want to thank Fletch from Blog Cabins and LAMB for helping make this contest a great success.

As promised, we are giving prizes to the top two finishers. Those prize details will be emailed to the winners, but they include an Oscar poster and iTunes gift card for the winner. Second place is taking home a AMC gift card and a t-shirt. Both scored 19 picks, so congratulations to them. The winner was decided on a category tiebreaker. If you have any questions, then click HERE.

Here's some interesting quick facts:
87/157 picked The Hurt Locker for Best Picture
27/157 picked Precious for Best Adapted Screenplay
28/157 picked The Hurt Locker for Best Sound Editing
29/157 picked The Secret in Their Eyes for Best Foreign Language Film
16/157 picked Music by Prudence for Best Documentary - Short Subject
11/157 picked Logorama for Best Animated Short

Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend (we had no boyfriend/boyfriend or girlfriend/girlfriend battles this year) Results:
Dylan Fields "Fletch" (16) beats Mrs. Fletch (14)
Allison Keeler (13) edges out Kyle Dickinson (12)
Trisha Tamashiro (15) handily beats Julian Gray (12)
Dres Fischer-Centeno (16, he copied my ballot, so don't feel bad Stacia) wins in a landslide over Stacia Stolzenberg (10)
Mike Tufo (9) edges out Lori Cersosimo (7)
Melissa Cersosimo (9) takes out Lou Cersosimo (4) - I obviously didn't get my Oscar predicting skills from my parents.

As for the scores, here are all people with score 17 and higher...
19 Picks
1. Gordon Purcell
2. Chelsea

18 Picks
Brian Bedard
Paul Jarnagin
Chris Miller
Nick Bragg
Kelly Conlin
Kirby Holt
Will Byrnes
Stephanie Perkins

17 Picks
Chris Pritzlaff
Fei Meng
Rick Doctrow
Davey Morrison
Buddy Haardt
Mom Fields
Edwin Drood
Elizabeth Strong
Xavi Morcillo
Matthew Russo
Michael Colin
Patricia Mistric
Roy Geiger
David Humphrey
Paul Kim

If you think there may have been a mistake, I will happily look over your ballot again. I did do everything by hand, but I'm very confident that the top scores are accurate. Please contact me within the next three days if you think there is a problem. After that, all scores are final.

Thanks everyone for participating. I'll hopefully see everyone for the 4th Annual Oscar Contest!


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