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Monday, January 18, 2010

BFCA, Golden Globe Thoughts

As I wrote the other day, I worked through the Golden Globes. I taped them, but due to my roommate continually watching Boston Legal, I haven't been able to watch them yet. As for the BFCA, I didn't tape them. Here's some thoughts on how these awards could influence the Oscars.

- Avatar winning Best Drama was expected and if this film wins the PGA and DGA, then it has to be the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Oscars. While the story was nothing special, it's such a groundbreaking film that it's hard not to recognize it.

- The Hangover winning was surprising as I thought the comedy was too raunchy to win. I'm not complaining, but I would have never predicted it. Could it be one of the 10 for Best Picture at the Oscars? Doubtful.

- The Hurt Locker run on top could be coming to an end. If it struggles at the guilds, then it could spell trouble. Only time will tell.

- James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow are going to battling for Best Director. Bigelow won the BFCA, but Cameron won the Globe. The DGA tiebreaker is huge as the DGA almost always predicts the Best Director Oscar.

- Jeff Bridges is quickly becoming the frontrunner for Best Actor. Everyone loves George Clooney, but Jeff Bridges has been around for years. Hollywood seems like they want to award him. SAG will be huge.

- Best Actress is becoming very confusing. Is Sandra Bullock really going to be a serious threat to win Best Actress. She tied with Streep for the BFCA and won the Globe. I thought Carey Mulligan would do better, but it seems like Meryl Streep will be Bullock's biggest competition. Like the Best Actor race, SAG will be huge.

- Both supporting races seem to be in the bag. Both Mo'Nique and Christopher Waltz are winning everything and have to the be the frontrunners. Can they be stopped on their way to the Oscars? I don't think so.

Both these award shows can be deceiving. We're now getting ready to enter the guild award phase, which is far more accurate as many members of the guilds are also members of the academy. That is not the case with the critics groups and the Hollywood Foreign press.

I'm sadly working during the SAG awards, but I'm changing jobs at the end of the month. That translates me having weekends free and hopefully getting more time to cover the Oscars.

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