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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oscar Update: In the Beginning

Well, since it's December I think it may finally be time. I'm actually feeling a little motivated, so I'm going to post something. Unfortunately, life can be very busy and I simply haven't had time to blog really since last year's Oscars. I don't think that's a bad thing, so if you're pissed at me, then so be it.

The awards season is starting to pick up the pace and I really think I will start to get more excited about it. Which hopefully will make me more excited to write about it. Only time will tell, but right now here's an updated Best Picture list. I plan to have other categories updated in the coming days and weeks.

Best Picture winner: Nine


The Best Bets:
Up in the Air

The Rest of the Field:
An Education
The Hurt Locker
The Lovely Bones
A Serious Man

On the Bubble:
Julie & Julia
Public Enemies
The Road
Where the Wild Things Are

Quick Thoughts:
I'm still going to stick with Nine winning the top prize just because I have no reason to change it right now. I feel like this is going to be either Nine, Precious, or Up in the Air. These three films have been getting many positive reviews and reactions. All three will be getting pushed real hard in the coming months.

James Cameron and Clint Eastwood both have probably Best Picture nominees, but it looks like both will just be along for the ride. Like many, I have given up feeling like Avatar is the next Titanic. It's not going to win numerous Oscars. If it does win some, then it will probably be in the technical categories. As for Clint, I feel like his film's best shot is Morgan Freeman as Best Actor. I just haven't felt the buzz that I anticipated from this film. Still kind of early, but it feels like it have lost its fire.

I really need to see some of these films and I am planning on renewing my netflix account soon. The last two years I did a great job at seeing over 90% of the Oscar nominated films, so I plan to make this year no different. I think I averaged seeing 50 new releases the last two years.


Fletch said...

It's funny - you would think that taking the Best Pic category to 10 would make predicting which films will make it in tougher, but I think the opposite is true, at least this year.

I agree with 90% of your picks, however, I'm fairly certain that Avatar ain't gonna make the cut. In its place, I think Tarantino's gonna get some love for Basterds. It deserves a nomination, too.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

I'm torn on Avatar. I could easily see it falling out the picture. If it doesn't pick up steam and really isn't a good movie, then it will probably be on the outside looking in. For now, I have to bank on the James Cameron factor.