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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moments That Defined a Decade: 2006, 2007

Adventure in Tucson
Date: January 16, 2006
Backstory of The Moment: Dres, Kyle, Nolan, and I went to Tucson for a long weekend right before we shot The Movers short film. It was Nolan's friend, B.T.'s 21st birthday party and it was in a hotel.
The Moment: I simply drank way too many Mike's Hard Lemonades and was the sickest I've ever been drinking. I probably drank like six of them give or take and I threw up all night. I was actually dry heaving I was so sick. It took me a few days to recover even after we got back to Orange County.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: It's funny that I've drank much more after this, but I have not nearly been as sick. I've thrown up my fair share of times, but again nothing comes close to this. It's actually due to the sugar in Mike's Hard Lemonade. I haven't drank one since this night and I don't see myself drinking one ever again. The thought of Mike's just makes me sick.

Other highlights of that night include Niko's taco shop and me trying to sing Live and Let Die. It was a disaster and what makes it worse is that Nolan still has me singing Live and Let Die somewhere on his computer. Add on top of this that the Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs and this ranks as one of the worst nights of the decade for me.

78th Annual Oscars
Date: March 3, 2006
Backstory of The Moment: It was the 78th Annual Oscars and I was determined to predict as many categories correct as possible. Brokeback Mountain had the most nominations, but was upset by Crash for Best Picture.
The Moment: I had a phenomenal night as I predicted 21 out of 24 categories. It shattered my record of 18 out of 24, which I did a few times previous.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: I thought this would be my best night ever (it was eventually topped), but what makes this night even more memorable was Crash winning. There's certain things I will never understand in life and this is one of them. How that film beat Brokeback Mountain is just a head scratcher. Doesn't make sense and it put a damper on what was a great night for me predicting the Oscars.

First Night in Monroe House
Date: August 20, 2006
Backstory of The Moment: This was technically the second night in the house, but the first night all five guys (Angelo, Julian, Kyle, Nolan, and I) would be there. It was a night full of no electricity, beer, and marijuana.
The Moment: The five of us sat around a coffee table in the middle of an empty house and just had fun. Candles were our source of light and it was a great way to start off senior year of college.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: This is one of those classic college moments. Not something you really want to tell your kid until you're older or maybe not at all. These are some of my favorite moments just because it would be impossible to do again. Something like that is just never going to happen again. We didn't have to worry about too much in life and we had fun. One of my favorite moments of that night was trying to get Nolan to take a hit and we had to hold the pipe for him. We were all just laughing our asses off. I guess it's one of those nights you just had to be there to completely understand how fun it really was.

Prefontaine Party
Date: September 15, 2006
Backstory of The Moment: This was the first party we had at the Monroe house and easily the best. The theme was decided randomly one day when I was watching Without Limits on HBO and Kyle speared Nolan into the couch yelling, "Steve Prefontaine". The rest is history.
The Moment: The theme of this whole party was Steve Prefontaine and being a runner. We asked people to come in running attire and mustaches. We figured no one would, but they did. I don't think we hit 100 people, but there was a damn lot and we had a lot fun.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: I can't really explain how this party got so big and popular. I think only like 30 people RSVP'd on facebook, so we figured it would be small. It wasn't. This party was unique too in its theme and I think that made it cool as well. How many people can have a Prefontaine Party and make it work. Somehow we did. I got somewhat obsessed with Pre for a period of time senior year, but it was all in good fun. All the guys in the house dressed up in Oregon colors and had 'staches. Julian and I had real ones. Some of my friends remember this night for when I slapped Julian across the face like a bitch after he passed out. Sorry Julian.

Sweet Pea Premieres at Chapman
Date: May 5, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: My senior thesis film was shot in October/November 2006. It was edited in the months that followed as I tried to get it ready to premiere at Chapman in May.
The Moment: During the senior thesis screenings, Sweet Pea screened in front of my fellow film students in the Folino Theater. The audience was decent size and reception was very warm.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: I'm really glad I had this moment as it was a very positive screening experience. Especially with BFF being so poor, I'm glad I had one moment where people applauded me and made me feel like all the hard work I did on this film was worth it. Even though I'm hard on myself, I still am proud of this film and everyone involved in it. Do I wish I did more with it? Of course, but that's life sometimes.

Chapman University Graduation
Date: May 19, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: After four years of college and three years at Chapman, I finally earned my BFA in film production.
The Moment: I received my degree at one of the best film schools in the country. My mom, dad, and sister came out from Mass. My grandfather also came out.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: It was such a long journey that finally getting the degree still feels damn good. I'm proud of it especially since I had to work so hard to get into Chapman and then finally be accepted into the film production major. Yes, I know I'm getting my MA in counseling right now, but that doesn't make this degree obsolete at all. It gave me skills that I wouldn't have acquired from anywhere else.

McCartney III
Date: June 27, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: There were rumors going around on probably June 24 or so about a possible secret Paul McCartney show being held at Amoeba records. The rumors were true and I camped out to see the former Beatle.
The Moment: After camping out for part of two days, I crammed into Amoeba records with about 1000 people to see Paul McCartney perform for roughly two hours. Still, the best and most special concert I've ever seen.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: Everything happened so fast with this moment. I heard rumors and made the decision to camp out. Julian was kind enough to drive me to Amoeba at like 8am on Monday morning. Then, I stayed there until roughly 3pm. Still felt like forever. Think that I was originally going to have to stay all night and until the show started at 7pm the next day. They let everyone go home since the line was just huge. In retrospect, it would have been cool if they let us stay. Though, I'm glad they didn't as I probably would have been exhausted and felt like crap during the show.

What made this show even cooler was that I somehow got put in the section right behind Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, Olivia Harrison, Woody Harrelson, Alanis Morrisette, Rosanna Arquette, Joe Walsh, and Jeff Lynne. Paul starts to play Drive My Car and I'm literally watching Ringo Starr moving his head to the music. That's something I'll never forget. I still think that's one of the coolest things ever. Doesn't get much better than that. At the time I called this The Greatest Story Ever Told. Two and a half years later, I still think that statement is true. At least through my eyes.

Sweet Pea at Boston Film Festival
Date: September 16, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: My uncle Reevie randomly put in a fireplace of the guy who ran the Boston Film Festival. The guy told Reevie to have me send him Sweet Pea. He would put it in. I sent it to him and after a huge fiasco of mismanagement he finally told me the film was in only days before the festival.
The Moment: Sweet Pea screened in a theater that was 3/4 empty. No one from the festival was there to introduce it. No one publicly acknowledged that I was in attendance. It was the complete opposite to Sweet Pea at Chapman.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: This should have been one of the best moments of the decade for me. Local filmmaker brings his short film back to his hometown for its festival premiere. Instead, the Boston Film Festival was nothing more than a poorly managed disgrace of a film festival. It's an embarrassment to the city really. It only makes me feel better that I've heard from other people that Boston Film Festival is a joke. I've been to other film festivals since this one and this festival experience is the worst. The events sucked. The organizers were horrible. Sweet Pea isn't even in the program. There's no record that my film ever screened there. It sucks. They didn't take care of the filmmakers at all. A little over two years later and I still can't find a good thing to say about this festival. Oh, actually the only good thing I can say is that since I didn't have to pay to get into the cinema, I watched a few wide release films for free while at the AMC Boston Commons.

Red Sox Win World Series Again
Date: October 28, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: The Red Sox had another dramatic comeback in the ALCS, this time coming back from 3-1 to Cleveland. They faced the Rockies in the World Series. Like 2004, it wasn't much of a series.
The Moment: The Red Sox sweep the Colorado Rockies and win their second World Series in four years.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: I don't really even remember much about this series. Like 2004, it was rather boring. I just remember watching game four at a bar with Brian. After the game we played bar trivia for the first time at Barney's. Besides that, the Sox were just too good for the Rockies. This team was a little different than the 2004 one. It was younger and more set up for the future even though they haven't been back. It was just nice to win another World Series. Until this past October, it was awesome to think that the Sox won more World Series than the Yankees. Unfortunately, they ended up winning two a piece.

Meet Paul Thomas Anderson
Date: November 15, 2007
Backstory of The Moment: My favorite director for years was Paul Thomas Anderson. In the late '90s I must have watched Boogie Nights on HBO and Cinemax countless times. He was attending a screening of There Will Be Blood in Los Angeles (first LA screening to my knowledge).
The Moment: After watching There Will Be Blood, Judd Apatow conducted a Q&A with both P.T. Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis. After that was over, I got to meet Paul for like 30 seconds and had him sign a brand new copy of Boogie Nights.
Looking Back at The Moment Now: Some time before this moment, I randomly bought a new Boogie Nights dvd for under ten dollars at like Costco. I jokingly decided to keep it in shrink wrap just in case I ever met P.T., I would have him sign it. For this screening, I took the dvd with me and right before I met him I ripped off the shrink wrap. I had him sign it and I proceeded to put it in a protective case. To my knowledge only myself and Paul have ever touched that dvd. That my friends is why I'm single. I'm eccentric like that.

One thing I did learn from this was how not to act in front of people you admire. I got really nervous meeting Paul and I looked like a fool. It's hard meeting people you admire as they probably get sick of hearing how much you admire them. The problem is that it's hard to have a normal conversation with someone you really don't know. What do you say? If I ever meet him again, I'll probably just say something short and sweet. That's what I have done since when I met people at IE and even when I met Dhani Harrison. I sounded too much like I fanboy. While I admire the autograph and handshake, I wish it went more smoothly.

Paul seemed very humble that evening. The lady running the event said no autographs, yet he signed numerous dvds. I thought that was awesome. He also shook people's hands and didn't rush off the stage. Even Daniel and Judd hung around. It was a very casual feel and I wish I got to meet Daniel as I got a vibe that he's very down to earth.

I will honestly say that I wasn't a huge fan of this movie that night. It was so much different than anything Paul did that it literally threw me off. I've seen it a few times since and I really admire it. I honestly think it's the best film of the decade. Though, let me clarify it's not my favorite.

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