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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Land of Confusion

If you have been reading my blog for any periods of time over the past two years, you know that if I don't post for a while it usually means I'm working.  So, it shouldn't be too surprising that I landed a temporary gig as an office production assistant on the ABC Family drama, Lincoln Heights.

I'm done with the job, but it was fun.  I have to admit, I have never watched the show and probably never will.  Though, I may make an attempt to catch the fifth and sixth episodes of season four since those were the two I worked on, but I'll probably forget.

I was a little hesitant to take this job.  I agreed to fill in when my friend needed someone to work for him while he took a trip to Dublin.  When I left IE in November, I left with such anger and disappointment that it clouded my view and opinion on the film industry.  I was a broken man when I left that company seven months ago.

When I started this job last Tuesday (June 2nd), I quickly disproved my theory that only assholes work in Hollywood.  The people there were great and part of me was honestly sad that it went by so quick.  I don't know if it means anything, but I did such a good job that many of the people I personally dealt with asked for my resume.  It can be misleading, but it further complicates my young life.  My true passion in life will always be film and if I can find a way to work in this business and be happy, then that is my ideal life.

Of course, there is my pending start of graduate school in August.  As of now, I do plan to still attend, but I'm patiently waiting on my financial aid and trying to find a job while I try to attend school.  Grad school isn't cheap.  It will add another $40,000 plus to my debt.  LMU has also not been as helpful as I would have liked.  I applied to numerous graduate assistantships and have been turned down even though I interviewed and clearly am qualified for any administrative work that is required.  All I know is if they can't reach out half way, then we could have serious problems.  As of right now, they aren't.

Is this just part of my destiny?  Maybe, grad school wasn't meant to be.  It could be a sign that I'm born to work in the film industry in some capacity and I simply need to find the right people.  Maybe, this was all a big test to see if I really had a passion for the business.  It's funny how some things work out like this.  I honestly don't know anymore.

The plan right now will be to think about everything long and hard, and make a final decision in August.  Arguably, the most important decision of my life.

In Other News (since I don't feel like writing multiple posts):

- I lost both LAMMYs I got nominated for.  Am I disappointed?  Yes, but it was great to be nominated.  I think some things could be done to make the LAMMYs more efficient, but it's only the second year.  I'm sure the Oscars weren't perfect in their second year.  Then again, the Oscars still aren't perfect and there have been 81 shows.

- Terminator Salvation was extremely disappointing to me.  I think I had way too high hopes for it.  I worked for Sam Worthington's manager at IE for a little and was on multiple calls for this film.  Everyone was talking it up like crazy and it wasn't as good as I expected.  Fun to watch, but lacked a story and characters.  Didn't really care what happened.  I worry about this franchise as I think it needs to really rebound for the next one or no one will care about the supposed new trilogy at all.

Sam was great though and if Avatar is as good as people think, then he will be huge.  Add Clash of Titans to his resume and I'm sure girls will be hanging his posters on their walls.

- Up is the best film I've seen in 2009 so far.  Granted the year is young, but I can almost guarantee it will win the Best Animated Feature Oscar.  Personally, I liked this film better than WALL-E or any other recent Pixar film.  Carl reminded me of my maternal grandfather.  Especially, with the traveling since I can vividly remember his disappointment that he didn't get to travel with my grandmother after her death in 1995.  Also, Ed Asner had the perfect voice for this character.

Another thing I thought was great about this film was that his wife, Ellie, who was barely in the film was still a character you really cared about.  I was emotionally invested in the both of them and the reveal of the adventure book even made me get teary.  This is a really touching film with a great score.  Pixar just can't miss right now.

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