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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big LAMB on Campus

Ladies and gentlemen, I have shocked the world yet again. Add another accomplishment to my long list of achievements. I have been named this month's "Big LAMB on Campus"!

What is that? It's just a way that LAMB tracks hits coming to the site. You probably notice those banners on the right hand side of the site asking you, "Love movie blogs?" Well, that is how I did it. People clicked on it. It's a real simple concept.

I did actually finish tied for second with 65 hits, but won a tiebreaker over Sarahnomics. The actual hits leader with 87, Lightning Bug's Lair, also won last month and due to a rule that a site can't be B.L.O.C. two months in a row, I was named the recipient of the esteemed status.

Now, if I can only win a LAMMY (cough, vote for me, cough).