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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rocket Takes Off at Spaceland

Credit: Ben Clark via Rocket's MySpace, (From L to R: C.C., Peaches, Lauren C., Kristin, Lauren)

In the 60s, there were The Ronettes. In the 70s, there were The Runaways. In the 80s, there were The Bangles and Go-Go's. In the 90s, there were the Spice Girls. Now, there is Rocket. Haven't heard of Rocket? Don't feel too too bad, they only may be the biggest band in Los Angeles today. Okay, that was only a slight exaggeration.

On Friday, I saw the all girl quintet for the third time. That is now the same amount of times I have seen former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney (2002, 2005, and 2007). Not too sure how I feel about that, but I think if anything it should be a testament to Rocket.

Let me tell you the quick story of how I accidentally discovered this band. My friend, Nolan, and I went to go see our friend's band, Peachcake perform a show that also included MC Lars. When we walked into the Knitting Factory, we saw these five girls rocking it out. They were called Rocket.

At first, we kind of liked the band for the simple reason that were all girls. I mean what guy wouldn't get excited when they see five girls rocking out on guitars, drums, and even a keytar. Yes, I said keytar.

After this keytar experience, we decided that we had to catch the band again, so about six months later we saw them again. We were even more excited considering that another all girl band was also playing on the bill. It was on this night that I realized that Rocket is actually a really good band. How do I know this? The other band was mediocre at best. They lacked the pure talent and charisma of their other all female contemporary.

That now brings us to another six months later, which was this past Friday. For this show, we even managed to bring another friend with us, Dave. It was no surprise that Lauren Rocket, Lauren C. Rocket, Kristin Rocket, Peaches Rocket, and C.C. Rocket stole the show yet again.

I was a little hesitant at first. Peaches and C.C. were new additions to the band. They replaced guitarist and drummer respectively. Though after the first song, I completely forgot about the dearly departed Kelly Rocket and Roxie Rocket.

One thing I didn't forget was Lauren Rocket's unbelievable leopard one piece. It said rock star all over it. The flamboyant front woman really knows how to lead a show. The great thing is that her bandmates feed off her energy and make the show very electric. You can tell right away that they know how to put on a show. The band has been around for some time now. They toured with Butch Walker in the past and even competed in The Next Great American Band (eliminated on the second episode).

If I was forced to compare them to anyone, I would say The Runaways. They have the look and sound of arguably the best all girls band. It's no surprise that Rocket lists them as one of their influences. Other influences include everything from T. Rex (bonus points) to Motley Crue to Blondie to The Beatles (major bonus points). It's a wide range that clearly indicates that the band's music crosses over many genres.

I particularly love the chemistry between the two Lauren's, which reminds me of Lennon/McCartney (I'm seriously going to regret writing that last sentence). While not comparing them directly to the greatest tandem in rock and roll history, I admire that the two friends know each other so well that you can see them having fun on the stage. One particular exchange last night happened when Lauren told the audience that she thought about taking off her Leopard outfit. Only to have Lauren C. tell her she should keep it on to the crowd's disappointment.

Add to the Lauren's the quiet, but consistent playing of bassist Kristin and guitarist Peaches mixed in with C.C.'s loud and hard drumming, you have a band that when firing on all cylinders is really good. And not only are they really good, but they are definitely loud. My chest was thumping the entire show and my hearing has been temporarily damaged. Am I complaining? No.

Rocket is now getting ready to released a new record this year. They played some of their new songs last night including Autopilot, Gangsta, and Never Grow Old. I have to admit though that I still have a soft spot for Future X Boyfriend, I Wanna Love You, and Mean to You. I shamefully even know some of the lyrics (I'm also going to probably regret writing that sentence as well). The new songs though really make me want to buy their upcoming album. I'm just holding out hope that they release it on vinyl. I'm currently in my vinyl phase and I just like putting on a record.

So, what's next for this Rocket fan? I don't know. I'm sure I'll see them in concert again down the line. If I had to give a wild guess, I would say probably six months from now. Maybe, try to get them to give me an interview. Or maybe even produce a music video for them. I mean they do call me Mikey Filmmaker for a reason.

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