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Saturday, April 18, 2009

McCartney Rocks Coachella

I didn't go to Coachella last night. Why am I going to write a few things about it? Well, because I feel like it.

I actually almost went. I came close to buying tickets a few times, but decided against it. I didn't really know anyone going and I wasn't going to drive to the desert by myself. I've seen numerous concerts by myself, but they were in arenas and smaller venues. Coachella is not something you go to by yourself especially when you have to drive 3 hours or more to get there from Los Angeles. Maybe one day, I'll meet someone who likes going to these concerts and experience this festival firsthand.

Part of me wishes I went last night. Finances are just so tight right now that I didn't think it would be very responsible of me to spend 125 dollars on a one day pass (probably more with parking, food, etc.). I've actually seen McCartney three times before anyway, so it's not like I just lost my chance to see a former Beatle. I saw him in 2002, 2005, and 2007 (iconic Amoeba show). To be completely honest, if I never see him again, I'm okay with it. Why? That Amoeba concert is so legendary in my mind that I don't think it could ever be topped.

I did manage to catch 45 minutes of the concert last night before AT&T lost the feed online. I was amazed to hear that Paul played almost 3 hours there. That's standard for him, but I figured at a festival like this, the set would be shorter. Coachella got a lot of heat for booking the former Beatle. A lot of people thought he didn't fit the image. I never really understood this. I think too many people truly underestimate the power of The Beatles and their influence on people. Their influence is as strong as ever and they have been broken up for 39 years. Lennon died 28 years ago and Harrison has been gone 7, yet they are in our lives daily.

The great thing about this performance was that most of the people there probably never saw Paul before. Coachella draws a younger crowd and a lot of people come for the indie bands. That's why I find some of the reactions funny today. People are like blown away. This performance was really no different than anything he has done before. As I've already written, I've seen him three times already and they are my three favorite concerts ever.

McCartney's shows are the ultimate nostalgia trip for everyone. Whether you're a diehard Beatle fan like myself or a casual one, you know The Beatles. You've listened to their music and you probably even like a couple tracks even if you don't properly know the song titles. I've read reactions today from people just butchering song titles of The Beatles from "Lady Godiva" (it's "Lady Madonna") to "Baby You Can Drive My Car" (shorten that to "Drive My Car").

I'm glad that people gave Paul a chance at this concert and realized how great he really is. He's one of the few artists alive that are just special and everyone should see him once. If not, you'll regret it.

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