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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marilyn Chambers 1956-2009

I don't do these RIP posts very much anymore, but I can't believe porn actress and Ivory soap model, Marilyn Chambers was found dead today. She was 56. No cause of death was released as of this writing.

Chambers is most famous for her film, Behind the Green Door. Along with Deep Throat, it really ushered in the golden age of pornography in the 70s. I have never seen either one. I'll admit, I tried to find them both, but have failed. I actually got to familiarize myself with Chambers after watching VH1's mini series, Sex: The Revolution.
The funniest part of Chambers rise in popularity was that she also was the model for Ivory Soap in the 70s. She did the photo shoot before she ever did any pornographic films. Something like that could only happen in the 70s. Unfortunately for her, Ivory dropped her after finding out about her porn career. I guess she was no longer "99 and 44/100% pure" (Ivory's slogan).

I want to end this post with a quick fact about Chambers that will probably blow everyone away. Especially, my readers who followed 31 Days of Moustache. Chambers actually worked with 'stache and porn legend, John Holmes. It is rumored that she was one of the only girls in the business that could fully deep throat Holmes' erect "special thing".

So, for that, we salute you, Marilyn. And, we will miss you.

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