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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dhani Harrison and thenewno2

I just figured I would post this picture. Last night I went to go see thenewno2 (pronounced The New Number Two). This is Dhani Harrison's band. Dhani of course is former Beatle George Harrison's son.

The band performed at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, which was also the location of the iconic Paul McCartney show that I attended almost two years ago (June 27, 2007).

The band has an edgy sound and really sound nothing like The Beatles. That's a good thing though. All the offspring of The Beatles have a tough task in the music industry. Their dads were so good that they will probably always be in their shadow. It's literally impossible to be as good as their dads. Whether it be Julian, Sean, Zak, or Dhani, they just need to make their own music and not worry about being a "Beatles kid."

Thenewno2 was also nice enough to stick around for a signing after the 45 minute concert. I figured I didn't know when I would have this chance again to meet someone with Beatle genes, so I bought the cd and waited in line for it to get signed.

Now, as you can see from the above picture, it got smudged. It's not the end of the world, but somehow Dhani smudged his autograph when he passed it to the next member of the band. I did get to shake his hand and thanked him for the great show, but I was a little disappointed with the smudge. I didn't show it, but I yelled inside my head, "Fuck!" when I saw it. What was I going to do? Tell him to re-sign the cd. I didn't want to come across like an ass.

I don't have any intention to sell the cd for profit and will simply just put it in a protective case. It will be a keepsake. Still, the value of the autograph has depreciated. I guess though you can also look at it in a positive way. It is personalized. You still can make out that it is Dhani Harrison. The smudge actually proves that the autograph is legit. It also adds something to the story down the road. Finally and most importantly, a smudged autograph is better than no autograph at all.

Actually now with seeing Dhani live, I have seen ties to all four members of The Beatles in concert. Paul McCartney three times (2002, 2005, 2007). Ringo Starr three times (2003, 2006, 2008). Sean Lennon, son of John in 2007. Dhani Harrison, son of George in 2009. Considering John died in 1980 and George died in 2001, but barely toured at all ('74 US Tour and '91 Japan Tour), this is the closest I could ever get.

Thenewno2's You Are Here was officially released in stores yesterday (March 31, 2009). It's not a bad record. Like I said, it's not The Beatles, but it holds it own. I need to listen to it a couple more times before I can really give it a rating. Definitely worth checking out.

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