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Thursday, March 12, 2009

31 Days of Moustache: Steve Prefontaine

Name: Steve Prefontaine
DOB: January 25, 1951
DOD: May 30, 1975
Profession: Athlete
Claim to Fame: America's Greatest long distance runner
Prime YAM (Years Active with Moustache): early 70s

Why It's Awesome:
Pre! Pre! Pre! According to legend, if you go to Hayward Field in Eugene, OR, you can still hear chants of his name. He's that much of a legend. Prefontaine revolutionized running in the US and was the first athlete to wear Nike shoes. He also happened to sport a moustache.

The amazing thing about Pre was that he died very young. Yet, he held every major long distance American running record at the time of his death. He was upset in the '72 Olympics, but was getting ready to go for the gold in '76. Sadly, it all ended when he died in a car accident.

His life was so huge that they even made two films about him, Prefontaine and Without Limits. I've seen them both and prefer Without Limits (see above video).

My friends and I in college even got so obsessed with Prefontaine and his moustache that we had a party in his honor in the fall of 2006. It was the best college party I have ever been to, which most people probably can't believe. Now, oddly one of my good friends is actually living up near the University of Oregon right now.  Well, I'm going to visit him sometime in the near future and I'm going to run around the track. I can guarantee you right now that I will have a full grown moustache for the occasion.

Final 'Stache Rating (Out of Four Moustaches):

Pre was great without a moustache. When he grew out his 'stache in college, he became a legend. The long hair, sideburns, and moustache is a look I've tried to emulate and failed. That's why Pre will always live forever.

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