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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31 Days of Moustache: Lou Cersosimo

Name: Lou Cersosimo
DOB: September 4, 1957
DOD: Still Alive
Profession: Engineer at water treatment plant
Claim to Fame: Mikey Filmmaker's Dad
Prime YAM (Years Active with Moustache): late 70s

Why It's Awesome:
When I decided to do this 31 days of moustache feature I wanted to cover the best 'staches I knew of. There was obviously the famous ones, but I remembered that my Dad sported a 'stache back in the day. Luckily, I had some old photos that I scanned a while ago and I had a picture. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew I needed to have him end the inaugural moustache celebration.

This picture was taken I'm guessing in the late 70s or maybe early 80s. It was definitely before I was born in 1985. This picture is definitely a good laugh, but you got to give the man credit. He looks like a stud his 20s. I actually look more like my mother, but I'm glad that I got the Cersosimo 'stache gene passed onto me.

Maybe 30 years from now, my son will post his own 31 Days of Moustache and he'll end his celebration with me. That's one of my goals in life. Three generations of moustaches.

Regardless you can't deny something I like to call Pure Moustache Sexiness!

Father (late 70s)
Son (2009)
Final 'Stache Rating (Out of Four Moustaches):

It's hard not to like this 'stache. Really captures the era well. Between the long hair, glasses, and 'stache you really can't go wrong. Especially with my Mom sporting a 'fro. This was quite the couple back in the day.

1 comment:

Fletch said...

You need to get yours headed more towards fu manchu town if you want to battle your dad. Nice tribute!