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Friday, March 6, 2009

31 Days of Moustache: Freddie Prinze

Name: Freddie Prinze
DOB: June 22, 1954
DOD: January 29, 1977
Profession: Actor
Claim to Fame: Star of Chico and the Man
Prime YAM (Years Active with Moustache): late 70s

Why It's Awesome:
Freddie Prinze was a heart throb in the late 70s. No surprise he had a moustache. He was like the Puerto Rican Burt Reynolds. He broke into the entertainment industry as a very young man with his solid comedy routine (see above video) and role in Chico and the Man. According to rumors, he actually got the role in Chico due to his 'stache.

Sadly, Prinze was told he had to shave off his 'stache. He committed suicide shortly after at the age of 22. Though, his legacy lives on with his son, Freddie Prinze Jr. Unfortunately, his son has refused to acknowledge his great moustache genes.

Final 'Stache Rating (Out of Four Moustaches):

This is a 'stache that screams sex appeal. It's like the classic 70s look with the long hair and moustache. The 'stache itself is solid, but nothing spectular. That still doesn't take anything away from Freddie's short, but amazing career.

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Fletch said...

He gave the earth Freddie Prinze, Jr. Points taken away. 0 'staches.