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Friday, March 13, 2009

31 Days of Moustache: Don Vito Corleone

Name: Vito Corleone
DOB: December 7, 1891
DOD: August 14, 1955
Profession: Owner of Genco Pura or Genco Olive Oil
Claim to Fame: Head of the Corleone crime family
Prime YAM (Years Active with Moustache): 40s and 50s

Why It's Awesome:
No one messed with Vito Corleone. If they did, then they would pay. No one struck fear and respect from the five families as much as Vito Corleone. Why? He had one bad ass moustache. Vito's rag to riches story is a fascinating one. He built his empire from scratch.

What makes Don Corleone a true role model for all moustache supports, is that he also had a moral code. He commanded loyalty from his friends. That's one offer that no one can refuse.

Final 'Stache Rating (Out of Four Moustaches):

This moustache is simple, but works well for the classic Italian mafia Don. It adds something extra to this iconic movie character.

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