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Monday, February 2, 2009

Rourke Costing Himself the Oscar?

Mickey Rourke is quite a character. Him being the character that he is I think is the reason why I don't have faith in him to beat Sean Penn and Frank Langella. Look no further than the last week or so. First, he agrees to wrestle at WrestleMania. Second, his co-star calls him out and makes him look like an ass.

In regards to WrestleMania, let me say this. I'm a wrestling fan and I think The Wrestler has done some good things to professional wrestling. Though, I would argue that I don't think the film has made anyone want to be a wrestling fan. The film does a great job looking at the independent level of wrestling, which really is nothing like the WWE.

The problem I have with Rourke doing WrestleMania is that members of the Academy are going to think he is an idiot since I bet the majority of the Academy thinks wrestling is idiotic. Rourke continues to thank his agent. Well, his agent and publicist are idiots. If Mickey really wanted to do it why not wait until after the Oscars. WrestleMania is in early April. That will leave plenty of time to build up a match.

What makes this whole situation even more odd is that Rourke has now completely pulled out of WrestleMania after already starting to build up a feud with Chris Jericho. This is a mess and I think will have an impact on the Best Actor race.

Adding to this is Evan Rachel Wood coming out about an alleged romance with Rourke. She even blamed him for the rumor. Then again, they have been caught kissing, so who really knows?

Regardless of its validity, I think it is something to consider when filling out the ballot.

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