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Monday, February 2, 2009

Could WALL-E lose?

I think a lot of people are laughing off Kung Fu Panda's dominance at the Annie awards recently, but I think you got to at least look at the situation. The Annies have predicted the Best Animated Feature every year except 2006 when it picked Cars and the Academy picked Happy Feet.

Panda is a fun film, but it still lacks the "greatness" of WALL-E. It would be disappointing I think if Panda did win since WALL-E is perhaps the best Pixar movie to date.

I don't see myself changing my pick, but it's definitely something to consider when filling out your Oscar ballot.

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Midgard Dragon said...

Put bluntly: No. WALL-E cannot lose at The Oscars. It's too certain of a thing and this year's awards are assured to play it safe. Luckily the safe bet in this case actually deserves the award. Anyway, KFP's win at The Annies is meaningless in the long run. Except for for The Annies themselves, of course. People are going to take them much much less seriously next year after they totally blew off this year's Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature and even possibly Best Original Screenplay.