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Sunday, February 15, 2009

ADG, CAS Winners Create Clearer Picture

The Art Directors Guild have handed out their annual awards. They break them up into three categories: period, fantasy, and contemporary. Button won for period. Knight won for fantasy (didn't know that was fantasy, but okay), and Slumdog won for contemporary. This should make Button the frontrunner in this race. It has been for me the whole time anyway, but a win here further proves it has a grasp on the Oscar. This is one of the few races this year where Button will not have to worry about Slumdog.

As for the Cinema Audio Society, they threw a curveball for best sound mixing. Slumdog won that last night, which is no where near deserving as WALL-E or Knight. Could there really be a Slumdog sweep next week (9/10 since it is nominated twice in Best Song)? I think this is going to be something to seriously ponder during the next week.

I hate sweeps at Oscars. It makes the night miserable. I remember Return of the King winning everything (11/11) five years ago. Was it a great movie? Yes. Did it deserve to win everything? No. I don't think any film really does. Sometimes though, the Academy loves a film so much that the voters will vote for it no matter what category it is in. It's stupid and this is why the Oscars are a bit of a joke.

Will I still watch the show? Of course. Will I be frustrated? Of course. Then again, that is why I will be heavily drinking during my live blog in a week. By the end of the show, I'll probably not even remember that Slumdog won Best Director or Picture. I guess in the end everyone will really be happy. Well, at least until the next day when I have a hangover. But that's another story.

I'll have a full Oscar update later today.

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