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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Annual Oscar Contest Results

My apologies for the delay. We had 65 people enter the 2nd Annual Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas Oscar Contest. I had hoped to get 50 people and we did much better than that. Last year we only had 37. It took me longer than anticipated to add up the ballots.

This year's show was a little more predictable than last year's, so the scores were also much higher. Last year's winner won with 15. This year the winner had 21.

I'm still proud to say that yours truly set a new personal record on Sunday night with an astonishing 22 wins. I lost Sound Mixing and Best Documentary - Short Subject. This record performance resulted in Oscar Contest wins at Web-Goddess, LAMB, In Contention, The Envelope's Ultimate Academy Awards Contest, SRMedia's Can You Beat the Crowd, the Academy Awards Predictions Game, and BuzzSugar (still waiting confirmation on victory). I placed second in Awards Daily and Predict the Oscars.

I should have won eFilm Critic's Contest, but screwed up by not going all or nothing on multiple categories. They use a weighted point system where you assign points to the nominees. Here's some words for advice for everyone, bet everything if you really want to win. I got too conservative and lost by 65 points (bet 50 on Rourke and 20 on Davis). I only cost myself 50 dvds, but I'm not bitter. Haha.

Anyway, enough about me. As for this contest, here's some quick facts:

63/65 picked Heath Ledger to win Best Supporting Actor
63/65 picked WALL-E to win Best Animated Short
54/65 picked Slumdog Millionaire to win Best Picture
26/65 picked Sean Penn to win Best Actor
11/65 picked La Maison en Petits Cubes to win Animated Short
8/65 picked Slumdog to win Sound Mixing
5/65 picked Departures to win Foreign Language Film

In a couple intriguing boyfriend/girlfriend battles, Trisha Tamashiro dominated Julian Gray (it's going to be okay, Julian). Kyle Dickinson edged out Allison Keeler and Dres Fischer-Centeno handily defeated Stacia Stolzenberg. Don't worry ladies, there's always next year.

As for the scores, here are all 65 of them...

Soundplui, 21
Jimmy Orsag, 20
Paul Jarnagin, 19
Nick Bragg, 19
Scott Grannan, 19
Megan Kavanaugh, 19
Brian Bedard, 18
Dres, 18
Nick, 18
Chris Miller, 18
Dion Blackler, 18
Andrew Smith, 18
Kevin Forman, 18
Danny Porcaro, 18
Rhianon, 17
Alan Steele, 17
James Syta, 17
Kyle Dickinson, 16
Caleb, 16
Ron Conlin, 16
Allison Kucera, 16
Kari Granlund, 16
Dean Treadway, 16
Jim Brooks, 15
Dylan Fields, 15
Alex Lotz, 15
Jason Stevens, 14
Jon Washington, 14
Ross Bonaime, 14
Lisa Pestidge, 14
Scott, 14
Trisha Tamashiro, 13
Anne Sarnowski, 13
Brian Alan Sandoval, 13
Sean Richardson, 13
Adam, 12
Allison Keeler, 12
Alex Oppenheimer, 12
Molly Green, 11
Ronald Apple, 11
Anders, 11
Nicool, 11
Stacia Stolzenberg, 11
Dave Bartlett, 10
Brian Flynn, 10
Joey Bonander, 10
Eric Stockman, 10
Chris Roderick, 10
Michael Shefcheck, 10
David Bradley, 10
Nathan Whitcomb, 9
Sadrac Alfaro, 9
Luis Rojas, 9
Jessica, 9
Beth Hartnett, 9
Sara Mouser, 9
Rob Lee, 9
Keith, 8
Alexis Broske, 8
Sam Leroy, 8
Nolan Wang, 7
Melissa Pierce, 7
Jens Takle, 7
Julian Gray, 6
Lori Cersosimo, 4 (Still love you, sister. Haha)

As you can see there are massive ties and it's going to take me a while to break these ties (I have to do everything by hand). Only the winner gets a prize, so give me a couple weeks (Haha, it's too tedious to do it any quicker) and I'll let you know your exact rank.

If you think they may have been a mistake, I will happily look over your ballot again. I did do everything by hand, but I'm very confident that the top scores are accurate. Please contact me within the next three days if you think there is a problem. After that, all scores are final.

If the winner refuses the Crash dvd or fails to respond, then I will contact the next person. I wrote this last week, but I'm setting a cutoff with the prize. If it is NOT CLAIMED by the last person with 18 wins, then it will be up for grabs next year. In the event it gets down to the people with 19 or 18 wins, then the tiebreakers will be enforced. Click HERE for tiebreaker rules.

I hope some people checked out the site during the Oscar season. I lived down the street from the Kodak and tried to give my readers a unique perspective of the whole event. I hope to build off this for next year. I would love to hear any suggestions that could make this site better. I'm coming into my own as an Oscar pundit and want people to take my predictions seriously.

I do want to let everyone know that I'm looking for some help next year. It's not that I can't do this by myself, but I want to get other opinions on the award season. If this is something that may interest you, then please let me know. We'll talk details in the near future.

I'm also thinking of creating a buzz meter similar to one done by The Envelope and other Oscar sites. This would consist of a group of people who really follow the races. They rank the nominees according to who they think is the strongest to win. It's a good resource for the average reader to help them fill out their ballot. Could possibly be a collaboration with LAMB. Not sure, I got to talk to some people.

I do have a lot of good ideas and I have high hopes that this site can be a success. I feel like I'm really getting a handle on this whole Oscar process. This contest is just one small part in an effort to make this site more legit and attractive.

Thanks everyone for participating. I'll see you next year for the 3rd Annual Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas Oscar Contest

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