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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Daisies Have Been Pushed

Ned the Piemaker and Chuck can finally kiss.

Pushing Daisies has been canceled. It's already over for the ABC show. The show was only two seasons old. I actually recently bought the first season on DVD and going into the viewing somewhat blinded, I enjoyed it. I love the visuals and music. The look and feel really reminds me of Big Fish and even Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton had no affilation with the show, but feels like he influenced it).

The two seasons had a total of 22 episodes (a couple I believe still need to be aired), which is practically a season's worth of episodes. There's no denying that the strike didn't help the show's cause. It aired nine episodes before the strike halted production. Did the long break hurt? Of course, but the show was somewhat in trouble before that with poor ratings. When season two didn't rebound, then that's trouble for any show.

I heard from a friend that the second season is not as good as the first. I haven't seen any of it, so I can't really say. Maybe, the show really just had a sophomore slump and screwed itself.

I don't know if this show will develop a cult following. There's is no denying that the show was unique and the visual style was very refreshing for a television show. One thing is for certain, it is another show added to the "Why was this show canceled?" list. So good, yet axed. Damn those ratings. Then again, look at the bright side, maybe Bryan Fuller will return to Heroes...

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