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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

Yes, I have left my job at the company I have worked for the last seven months. Am I disappointed? Yes. Sad? Yes. Though, I'm also content with the fact that it was the best decision and I left on good terms.

Looking back, I got some great memories, which should be some great stories for many years. I also met some great people, who I hope to keep in touch with for many years. Learned a lot and am still grateful I was given an opportunity to even work at such a company. You're probably scratching your head as to why I quit?

I realized that sometimes you do things that don't always make sense in the moment, but later on you realize that it was for a reason. Unfortunately, I'm not going to get into it on this blog, but the film industry is not an easy industry to work at by any means. It's the exact opposite. No, I'm not leaving the industry, but I needed to move on to a different company.

When will that be? Not sure, but sooner rather than later. Contrary to popular belief, unemployment is not that fun. Wait, it's fun for like a day or two, then you start to get restless and the days go by slow. It's only been a week and I'm already starting to feel it. Let me put this way I look like a lumberjack. Sad, but true.

I'm hopeful everything works out (cross your fingers) and I'm looking forward to my next gig in the industry. Don't forget my readers, I'm only 23 and ready to shock the world! Still not sure how that's happening, but that's what I wrote in my high school yearbook...

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Fletch said...

Good luck finding a new gig - I'm confident you'll be more than fine. At the very least, I'm sure you walked away with some good experience and some great stories.