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Saturday, October 18, 2008

It Really Doesn't Come Easy

As a huge Beatles fan and maybe one of the biggest ones you'll ever meet, I couldn't believe when I heard Ringo Starr filmed a video with him saying that he didn't want anyone to send him fan mail. I work in the film industry and know how fan mail generally works. I know what it does for fans. And, for someone to say don't send me stuff is just plain stupid.

The average person probably doesn't realize that the majority of actors/actresses/musicians/celebrities don't even read their fan mail. Most of them don't sign stuff that is sent in (mostly pictures). Yet, they don't say a damn thing. Why? Because fan mail is a way for some people to feel better about themselves. Some people write about someone being an inspiration. Does Ringo realize that fan mail comes from all ages and all over the world? Hell, it even comes from prison.

I'm disappointed in Ringo and honestly the video was a total mistake. Ringo should realize that even if people send stuff that doesn't mean he has to sign it. He doesn't have to do anything. Anyone who sends fan mail should realize that is a risk when writing to your idol.

The real question should be what the hell is Ringo too busy doing? I hate to say this, but Ringo is a shell of his former self. His concerts are mediocre at best. Yes, he was a Beatle and I'll always respect him for that, but wake up Ringo. You made yourself look like an idiot.

Peace and love, Ringo, peace and love...

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