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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Joke Show a.k.a. MTV Movie Awards

Yes, the MTV Movie Awards never intended to be taken seriously, but it's got to the point where the show is unwatchable.  It all starts with preshow, which was hosted by two people I've never even heard of.  They were horrible and "red carpet" interviews were below average.

I feel like the show tries to be too cool and it fails.  I mean why have Tom Cruise present Adam Sandler the generation award?  Even Mike Myers busting out Wayne's World was lackluster.  Is Myers lacking so much material that he has to bring back old SNL skits?

I do have to give credit to James Franco and Seth Rogen as they "smoked weed" on the stage.  It had an MTV feel to it, but they got scared and went to the a wide shot.  I don't know if that was planned, but it was pointless if they are just going to go wide.  Still, that was a funny moment.

Though, the most important question is why they have an award called "Best Summer Movie So Far"?  Give me a break.  That may be the stupidest award ever given out in the history of award shows.

As for the other awards.  Nothing really special about this show.  I found it to be very forgettable.  Though, I was surprised to see Transformers take the top prize.  I figured it was going to be Juno.  I guess this was consolation for Transformers getting shut at the Oscars.

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