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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WrestleMania Never Fails to Disappoint

Are some WrestleManias better than others? Of course. Still, it always proves to be the best wrestling show of the year. I don't know if the wrestlers just step their game up or the storylines are stronger, but it's true. On Sunday, WrestleMania XXIV was on PPV. I'm not going to waste time in this post trying to convince you to love wrestling. Either you do or you don't. I really could care less what you think of it. I've been a fan my entire life and at 22 years old, I'm still a fan. Maybe, not as hardcore as I was back in my teens, but I still enjoy watching it. Why? Because I know I'm always going to get a good show. Professional wrestling is the ultimate soap opera for men.

I did want to say that one thing stuck out in my mind after watching this show. And that's Ric Flair. That was a great match with Shawn Michaels and I think it could be the match of the year in 2008 when the year ends. Michaels never fails to live up to his legendary status and always puts on the best if not one of the best matches every time he wrestles. Of course, this was Ric Flair's last match ever even though he probably will wrestle again. This was more of his last match ever as an active pro wrestler.

Looking at the match, I thought the ring psychology was great. There was a couple close finishes. And, there was just a lot of emotion in the match especially the way it ended. Part of me wished it closed out the show. Shawn Michaels looks at Flair and says, "I'm sorry. I love you." Then, he nails Flair with a vicious super kick. I was watching the match at a bar and everyone started to clap after the match was over.

Here is the ending on YouTube. Although, don't be surprised if the WWE requests it be removed.

As for the rest of the card, I thought it was solid. The money in the bank match always has plenty of great spots. It was a great way to get the show going (even though it was the second match). I'm glad Randy Orton kept the belt. The win at 'Mania makes his title reign more legit. Personally would have loved to see Edge beat The Undertaker. I think it would have made him a more legit heel champion. The Undertaker's legendary status doesn't NEED the 'Mania win streak. When his career is over, he will be one of the best ever. I thought the Floyd Mayweather match was a big joke. I think Maria may be the hottest diva in the WWE right now.

I'll end this post with a classic Ric Flair promo. There are tons of them on YouTube. It's hard to pick only one, but here it goes.

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