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Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Welcome to Hollywood"

Why has it taken me so long to write about this? Not really sure other than working very long days and being very tired when I come home. Luckily, there is something called the weekend. And here goes a quick story from Hollywood courtesy of Mikey Filmmaker.

So I'm sitting at the reception desk answering phones and doing all kinds of cool stuff when this guy walks in the door.

"It's Corey Haim for Jane Doe Casting (fake name)."

"Corey Haim?!"

I walk down the hall and let them known since the casting office is not part of the company I work for. They just rent out space in our office. I walk back to my desk and I see him standing behind the desk drinking a bottle of water.

"I took a bottle of water from your desk."

So there is Corey staring at the movie poster of The Player. We begin to discuss the long tracking shot at the beginning of the film. Then, we begin to talk about a little bit of everything.

"So what have you been up to?"

"I just finished up the sequel to The Lost Boys with Corey Feldman."

"No way!" (even though I heard that they were doing a sequel)

So now we begin to discuss The Lost Boys (a favorite film of mine) and he tells me all these spoilers for the sequel. Hell, he even told me how it ends (which will be cool if it's done right). Then, he takes off his shirt and shows off his tattoo of a bat on his shoulder.

"I got this right after the film came out."

"Wow, that's badass."

Now, we're talking about some personal stuff and I tell him how I just got this job. I give him a little background on myself.  We're just passing time until the casting director comes to meet with him. Plus, there seems to be no phone calls coming in, so our conversation continues for close to 10 minutes.

No lie when I say that he's telling me everything about himself and I literally feel like I could write a biography on him. I also have to say that he's extremely nice and sincere. He just seemed like a fun guy.

Long story short, the casting director comes grab him for his meeting. He's set to play a cameo in a film coming out in 2009. It's not on his imdb listing, so I don't feel comfortable saying what it's for. Though the original came out in 2006. Anyway, he reaches out and gives me a handshake.

"Welcome to Hollywood!"

Corey Haim leaves and I never see him again.

That my friends is just a glimpse of what it's like to work in the film industry.


Fletch said...

That's an awesome story. Good to hear that he's not a jerk. Funny, though, I swear I heard he wasn't in the sequel...maybe that's a cameo, too...

Next time, tell him I loved him in Lucas. ;)

Matt said...

I always enjoy hearing stories about Hollywood types that don't involve drunken brawling or nudie flashing. Congratulations on breaking into the industry.

ed said...


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