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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Watching a Baseball Game with Thousands and Thousands of Fans

Yeah it was a couple days ago, but I did attend that baseball game on Saturday between the Red Sox and the Dodgers, which supposedly had 115,000 people in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. I'm not going to write an essay on the game, but it was an interesting night. I went with a couple friends and we had a good time. Although, it left me wanting a little more. I felt like the Dodgers dropped the ball.

For one, the thought of over a 100,000 people in a small area is never a great idea. It sounds great on paper, then when it happens you realize why it's not a daily thing. It's chaotic. The Dodgers did provide free transportation from Dodger Stadium to the Coliseum for free and that was appreciated. Yeah, we had to wait for around 45 minutes, but it was fine.

My bigger issue was the fact that food was severely overpriced. I haven't been to a USC football game in a couple years, but ten dollars for a beer? Are you kidding me? Usually, a stadium or an arena offers a couple different options. Granted, they did serve the beer in a souvenir cup. Yippee! I have mine above my fireplace.

The seats we had were okay. We basically were on the other side of the field from home plate. Although, the view wasn't horrible. I could still see everything.

The biggest complaint I had about the game was the lack of energy and boredom in the stadium. There was a ceremony between every inning. People throwing out pitches and kids being the honorary batboy for an inning. It took away from the game. It killed the momentum. Plus, the game itself was an exhibition, so nothing really mattered. The starters were out by the third or fourth inning. Each team really utilized their 40 man roster. I knew this was going to happen before I bought the tickets. Now, I realized why I will never watch a spring training game live.

We left after the sixth inning, so we wouldn't have wait 45 minutes or longer for a bus back to Dodger Stadium. Was it worth it? Yes. It was the first baseball game at the Coliseum since 1961 (I believe). Plus, the tickets were cheap. Otherwise, I might have been very disappointed considering I don't think people are going to be talking about the game years down the road.

Oh, and case you really want to know. The Red Sox won 7-4.

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