The ONLY Oscar Blogger, who lives in walking distance to the Kodak Theater!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Heading to Hollywood!

Yes, Mikey Filmmaker is moving (again) and this time he's heading to Hollywood. I'm literally moving to Hollywood. It's a two minute walk to Hollywood and Highland, which happens to house the Kodak Theatre, which happens to be where the Oscars are held.

So, there you go folks. I may be the only Oscar blogger, who literally lives next door to the show. I'll be able to hear the winners before everyone else since I'll have no five second delay. I'll be able to give you a perspective that few can give. It's mind blowing that I will be so close to Hollywood Blvd.

I already have my weekends thought out. I'm basically going to spend the day hanging out with Spider-Man and Darth Vader in front of the Chinese Theatre.

I can't wait for the Oscars next year. I'm going to have such a great perspective of the whole event that it will be incredible. I'm so excited!


Fletch said...

Is that a decent neighborhood to live in? Sounds crimey. Still, I expect a live blog of the Oscars next year. A REALLY live blog...

Daniel G. said...

That's amazing. I didn't even realize there was housing around that block. Not a bad area, lots of tourists so lots of predators and souvenir shops, but not bad. Hollywood and Highland is a decent complex - my only screen credit was from a short that was shot in the Italian restaurant on the second floor. Fond memories. You'll also have a lot of other shows there as well. I'm pretty sure the ESPYs are at the Kodak, along with some other ones. Anyway, have fun!