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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Back from Retirement

I know I tricked everyone yesterday, but it was April Fool's Day.  Don't worry, I'm not retiring yet.  Although, I have been a little busy with personal matters the last week or so and it has taken away time in write in this blog. I have all kinds of stuff I want to talk about, but need to make time for it.  I expect to make some time possibly later today.

To give you a quick preview, I did attend that Red Sox vs. Dodgers game at the Coliseum with supposedly 115,000 people.  Plus, baseball just started and I wanted to preview the season ahead at least from the Red Sox's perspective.  I also wanted to give some of my thoughts on WrestleMania XXIV.  Oh, and I have seen couple old films recently that I wanted to write about, so that's the tentative forecast for the next couple days.

Now, it's time to see if I can pull through.

Oh, and Bonnie Parker was defeated in that tournament by Sil, but by a very close score of 11-9.  I'm not too surprised, but it was a fun contest to be a part of and I look forward to the next event.  It will be interesting to watch and see what female wins it all.  Sil could have a legit chance even though Species is a mediocre film that stars two Oscar winners (Ben Kingsley and Forest Whittaker) and one Oscar nominee (Michelle Williams).  Good luck, Mr. Fletch.  I'll vote for you just out of respect.

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