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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sirens of the LAMBs

As I reported last week, I'm participating in an event over at LAMB where 16 female characters battle it out to see which one is the baddest. My character Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde is going against Sil from Species. Click HERE to view the battle.

Honestly, could care either way if I win or lose. I'm sure my opponent agrees with me that it's an odd match since both female characters are very different in a lot of ways. I think they are both bad ass in different respects and both movies are very different. I never saw Species before this tournament, but it was on AMC last week and I gave it a viewing.

Of course, if you've seen the movie, it's hard to imagine a bank robber from the 30s fighting an alien from the 90s that grows and heals extremely fast. It's not a big deal, but the event should have only allowed human characters in the tournament to make it more realistic. Is Bonnie and Sil really going to have a catfight? Give me a break.

So basically, I just said the hell with the fight and decided to have a little fun. I provided a bunch of inside references to the film in the article that most people probably will never get. In case you didn't know, Bonnie and Clyde is my second favorite movie of all time (trailing only Boogie Nights). After I finished my entry, I realized how ridiculous it was. I was forced to burn Sil alive since I didn't know any other way to kill the bitch.

Also add on top off everything that I'm battling the guy who started LAMB, and I know I'm screwed from the start. Then again, I don't have to write another article, so maybe that's a good thing. Well, I'll find out soon enough. I will let you know the result of the match.


Fletch said...

I too thought it was an odd matchup, and I wouldn't exactly say that Sil belongs, but the same could probably be said about a number of the characters. Then again, when talking about "badass" women or women that would win in a fight (or some sort) against another, I don't think I'd pick the one that, according to sources, never even handled guns. She was doomed from the start.

Though I call shenanigans that you were doomed from the start in facing off against me. Bonnie had the lead at one point, and as of now, it's still close (6-4 Sil).

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Regardless of sources in real life, I couldn't care less (we're talking about movie characters here not their real life counterparts in some cases). In the film, she handled a gun and she wasn't some pushover. There's not one definition of being a badass and according to sources, she was killed in an ambush of bullets.

Fletch said...

Don't know if you're keeping track, but the battle is pritty pritty close...10-9 at last viewing.

ed said...


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