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Monday, March 17, 2008

Movie Collection Series: St. Patrick's Day

The Movie Collection Series is back. And it has returned for one of the best holidays in the year, St. Patrick's Day. I decided I could take this list in a couple different directions, but settled for movies that contain alcohol rather than movies that contain Irishmen or something like that.

Rather than do a top ten for this holiday, I'm doing a top five. This allows me to come back and do a new list next year if I desire to do so since there were a couple films that were left off.

Anyway, here we go again...

5. Tommy (1975)
Alcohol Featured: Champagne
There's nothing better than champagne and beans. Yes, it's the classic combination in this famous rock opera. Champagne is shooting out everywhere in the white room. Then, beans follow to make it a ridiculous and gross scene. Then again, what do you expect from this movie? It makes no sense, but it also works quite well. The movie is well established by then, so there's no need to question it.

4. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)
Alcohol Featured: Hard Liquor, Beer
I really just wanted an excuse to suggest this movie. It's filled with sex and part of that can attributed to drinking to the spanking the monkey, the clitoris, and blowjobs. It also leads to both lead characters getting drunk, having a threesome with Luisa, and making out with each other. Now, that wouldn't be horrible, but there are both guys. That's just not my thing. Mamacita!

3. Sideways (2004)
Alcohol Featured: Wine
This movie is all about wine. It makes you want to drink wine. It made wine cool. Most of the movie showcases red wines (especially Pinot Noir, which is also my personal favorite). It also makes you not want to ever drink fucking Merlot. It's hard to pick one scene since wine is featured so much. Though, the best scene in the film is probably between Miles and Maya discussing how special Pinot Noir is. That's a great speech to a great movie.

2. The Merchant of Four Seasons (1972)
Alcohol Featured: Hard Liquor
I had to put this film in for the simple reason that I love the drinking scene that takes place. This is one of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's best films. Hans has been told that if he drinks anymore that he will die. While sitting at the dinner table with his family he proceeds to drink roughly ten shots. He dedicates some of them to people and places. Before you know it has has drank so much, he passes out on the table and dies. This film is dark and depressing, but is a great and realistic character study.

1. Wild Things (1998)
Alcohol Featured: Champagne
Wild Things as a whole is an average film with some hot scenes. And, there is not hotter scene in this film than the threesome in the hotel with Sam, Kelly, and Suzie (Matt Dillon, Denise Richards, and Neve Campbell). Add unto on the hotness the fact that there is champagne involved and the rest is history. The scene is relatively short, but it does the trick with Sam playing around with both girls. Kelly and Suzie are making out. Then, Suzie pours some champagne all over Kelly and it starts to feel like a cheap porno flick. Seriously, do you really think that in a porno there has never been the lines like, "Guidance counselors get to find out all sorts of interesting things." or "Now, I want you two to kiss." I would be shocked, but who cares?

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