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Friday, March 14, 2008

Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

The other night I watched Kentucky Fried Movie. I've heard a lot things about it, but finally made room in my schedule to view it. Not going to lie, it was really worth it. Granted the film came out thirty years ago and was made on a shoe string budget, but it was funny.

Basically, the film is a series of skits that are edited together to make a movie. Now, you might think that it doesn't work, but these skits are ridiculous. They're over the top and extremely well executed. The film was written by the Zucker brothers and directed by John Landis. Hell, it even stars a bunch of unknowns, but it works brilliantly.

I don't really want to get into the actual skits because I think it's much funnier when you don't know what's going to happen. It isn't really suspense, but you just watch the skits and ask yourself whether the most ridiculous over the top ending will happen, then it does. Although, you don't care because it's so funny and fits in with the whole film.

Some of the skits that were my personal favorites include "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble", "Feel-A-Round", The Wonderful World of Sex", "Unied Appeal For the Dead", and "Danger Seekers". Then, there is the legendary "A Fistful of Yen", which is the longest skit of the film at near 30 minutes. That is worth viewing the film alone.

"Send him to Detroit."
"No! Not Detroit!"

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Fletch said...

I've owned this flick for a long time, and haven't watched it in a long time, either. It lacks any kind of cohesion, but who cares? It's hilarious despite its age. Some favorite bits of mine:

"Big Jim Slade!!"

"Death is the number one cause of death..."

Man, I need to watch this again...