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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catching Up on Sports, Bostonian Style

What a busy week in Boston sports. It's only fitting to take a look at what the hell is going on.

They were riding a six game winning streak before getting blown out 10-2 by the Capitals. Still can't figure this team out. I just feel like they are missing a key piece to the puzzle of a world championship. Will they make the playoffs? Probably (sixth seed right now). Honestly, if they are smart, stay in the sixth seed because they draw the Carolina Hurricanes. They should be able to take out the Canes. After that, who knows?

Believe it or not, they clinched a playoff spot last night. They signed a couple veterans (Cassell and Brown). They have stayed relatively healthy. I had my doubts early on, but this team could win it all. Even look at their matchup with the Pistons. They should really be 3-0 against them. They lost the first game because of a foolish foul with a second to go. They are even playing against the West really well. Expectations will certainly be high and they really can't afford to blow it especially after the Patriots' collapse.

Yes, they lost Samuel, Gay, and Stallworth, but they are not in horrible shape as some people would make you think. They resigned Bruschi, Gaffney, and Moss. They have signed a couple role players. Plus, they still have the draft and free agency isn't over yet. Their big issue is whether they can find a couple diamonds in the rough whether it be free agency or the draft. I do trust Belichick and Pioli. Any Patriot fan really should. Just don't expect them to go undefeated again.

Red Sox
A ton of pressure is on the Red Sox this year. Besides being defending champs, they need to make people in Boston forget about the Patriots. As soon as the Super Bowl ended, everyone in Boston wanted to know when spring training starts. Well, it's in full swing. Papelbon just got his new contract today. Schilling is possibly gone for the season, but this team is still built solid. I believe they have 23/25 guys from last year still on the team. That's unbelievable. Yeah the Tigers and Yanks will be scary, but the Sox are still the team to beat. As with Belichick and Pioli, trust Theo because he knows what he is doing.

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