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Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Thoughts of an Italian Florist: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Here is new feature I plan on starting. Basically, it will be some random thoughts I'll be pondering over the weekend. I'll try to post weekly on a Friday.

Thought #1: How will this year's Oscar show rank? It's supposed to rain and be cold. People are still hungover from the WGA strike. Jon Stewart "bombed" (according to some people) as a host back at the '05 show, so will he be better this year? It's hard not to worry a little.
Thought #2: What will be the big upset this year at the Oscars? Picture? Actress? Screenplay? Or will there be none?
Thought #3: Will Kevin O'Connell finally win? I hope so. Will the Coens win four Oscars? I hope not (no offense Joel and Ethan).
Thought #4: Who is going to win Best Supporting Actress? Cinematography? Editing? Art Direction? Costume Design? Expect the unexpected.
Thought #5: I can't wait to listen to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform "Falling Slowly" at the Oscars. I fucking love that song.
Thought #6: What are the chances that Keira Knightley wears the green dress to the Oscars? Probably zero percent, but I can dream, right?
Thought #7: I wonder what really happened between P.T. Anderson and The Carpetbagger. There's all kind of backlash on Anderson and I think it's somewhat unfair. The Carpetbagger is a joke and he's one Oscar blogger that I refuse to read.
Thought #8: Is it right or wrong if your friend suggests he "found" you a girl only to find out she is a freshman in college (probably 18 years old) and I'm a recent college graduate (22 yrs old going on 23 in May)? Granted it's legal, but still.
Thought #9: Should I go to see The Police for the second time in a less than a year (saw them last June at Dodger Stadium)? They put on a good show, but is it worth it? Elvis Costello is opening and that's intriguing. Who doesn't like to dance to that song, "Pump It Up"? Or am I the only one?
Thought #10: What the hell am I going to write about after the Oscars? Luckily, I have a couple ideas, but will people care? Only time will tell...

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