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Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Week

We're one week away from the big show. The Oscar pre-show will be in full swing this time next week. It's exciting as everything is starting to come together (I think). I did post an updated chart of all 24 category predictions. Click HERE to view it. I will be posting one more chart, but that will probably be on Friday or Saturday. So, if you want to make a good run at winning your Oscar pool, check out my predictions. I've never scored lower than 17 in an Oscar pool that matters and usually that is enough to win an office pool.

Expect a couple podcasts next week. I'll have a couple on final predictions and thoughts as well as one for my top ten of 2007. Yeah, it's February 2008, but everyone knows that the 2007 movie year doesn't officially end until the Oscars. That's why I waited so long (plus, I needed to see more films).

Last night two "small" award ceremonies took place. One was the CAS (Cinema Audio Society). That would translate to the Best Sound Mixing Oscar. The winner? No Country for Old Men. This decade the CAS has done a poor job in predicting the Oscar winner (2/7), but it's 7/13 if you go as far back as '93. The sound mixing award is awarded to the film that has the best mix. That means how the dialogue, score, and effects are mixed together.

I liked Transformers in this race for a while for a couple reasons. One it's a heavy sound film and the other is the mixer is Kevin O'Connell (0/19 lifetime at the Oscars). I felt like the Oscars would finally reward him this year. I'm simply having my doubts. Here's my thought process. Will a voter really vote for Transformers over No Country for Old Men? I don't see it happening. O'Connell should and one day will win an Oscar, it just might not be this year (again).

The Art Directors Guild also had their award ceremony last night. No Country for Old Men won Best Contemporary film (not nominated for an Oscar, so don't worry), The Golden Compass won for Best Fantasy film, and There Will Be Blood won for Best Period film. Believe it or not, I changed my pick to Blood before these results came out last night. Now, with the results, I'm convinced. I really like Jack Fisk in this race. I can't see him losing to The Golden Compass. And, the other three films don't really scare me. People want to reward Blood and this will be a category it wins. I can just feel it.

One final note, remember to enter my Oscar pool. The amount of entrants has somewhat exceeded my expectations, but I want more. Click HERE to enter. The deadline is the start of the Oscar telecast, so you have roughly a week to submit your ballot.

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