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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Interesting Perspective on Super Bowl XLII Loss

Eric Wilbur posted a very interesting blog post on his blog for the Boston Globe. You can read the entire post HERE.

I don't agree with the whole article, but the point of his post is that losses help weed out the pink hats (bandwagoners). It brings people back to earth. Maybe, but it's unfair to categorize every Boston fan in the same light. Every team's goal should be to win every game and every championship. Why is it Boston's fault that they have three really good franchises right now? Considering we had nothing to enjoy from roughly 1986-2001, I don't think we should be penalized for it.

Here is a quick excerpts:
But I remember the general excitement of 2002 when the Patriots had just won the Super Bowl, emerging from the Government Center T stop where a young group of friends stood with their jerseys in a state of awe from a 48-hour shockover.

"Holy [bleep]. The Pats won the [bleeping] Super Bowl," one said in a tone that suggested he'd been repeating it in his sleep since Sunday night.

It was similar in 2004, when I arrived in Boston the morning after the Red Sox' Game 7 win over the Yankees, when wordless energy emitted off the faces of every Bostonian, each nodding and smiling to everyone they passed along the way.

We will never have moments like those again. The Red Sox, the Patriots, and now the Celtics are expected to win, their seasons deemed a failure if they don't end with a parade down Boylston. Because of all the grand success, we've become a sporting society that assumes championships are a birthright. There is still excitement. There is still passion. But never again will we have those blissful, unexpected moments of "What the hell just happened here?" Those are once in a lifetime, as we've come to discover, and the sequels, while good, can't ever compare to the unbridled thrill felt that first time.

Here is one more excerpt:
The passionate Boston sports fan still exists. He or is she is just often drowned out by the idiot next to them with the tattooed head, baseball cap with the tag still dangling from the side, or Reebok client on hand for the free sushi. They're the ones you'll all too often find at home while the bigwigs and wannabes soak up all the available ducats. They're the ones getting the bad rep while their phony cousins soil their name with drunken, boisterous claims of glory, while forgetting what sparks this passion in the first place is competition.

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