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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Initial Oscar Reactions

I'm sure I'll have plenty of stuff to write about, but here are some quick thoughts.

- Very happy for Robert Elswit and Marion Cotillard. They deserve their Oscars even though I didn't have the guts to pick either one of them.
- Disappointed that the Oscars chose not to award Kevin O'Connell. How long will it take?
- Why did the Academy choose to award Dante Ferretti over Jack Fisk? What a disgrace!
- It's the second straight year that an average film won Best Costume Design. I'm simply blown away.
- Definitely glad that there was no upset in Best Picture. Juno didn't deserve to win.
- Apparently, the Academy had an issue with Transformers. They even gave an Oscar to The Golden Compass. Transformers wasn't amazing, but it wasn't that bad. This is another example of the Academy being too stuck out and refusing to watch the nominated films. I'm shocked that The Bourne Ultimatum won three Oscars.
- Tilda Swinton winning was for real. Not too sure how I feel about it, but Ruby Dee probably didn't deserve to win it on a five minute performance. Looking back it was a dumb pick.
- I didn't have a problem with Jon Stewart. I thought the show was good.

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IncrediBlack said...

I agree with pretty much all of the points you make. Excuse me if this is wrong, but did no single film win no more than three awards? Maybe four? Either way, it means that "Bourne" won the same amount, or one fewer, awards than the Best Picture winner. While I enjoyed the ceremony -- almost nobody else I've talked to or read did -- I feel the handing out of the awards was the real shock and joke of the evening. Give O'Conner some O'Credit!!