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Friday, February 22, 2008

Indie Spirt Awards Tomorrow

As some people already know, I am a member of Film Independent and vote for the Indie Spirit Awards. It makes me feel "important" during the awards season. I don't really want to get into what I picked, but I will say that I vote very independently. I vote for the "best" nominee according to me.

I also only vote for categories I feel I am educated to make a valid decision. For example this year I didn't even vote for The John Cassevetes Award, Best Documentary, Best Foreign Film, and Best Supporting Male. It's not fair to any of the nominees to simply vote for someone solely on name recognition or word of mouth.

The Indie Spirit Awards are usually not a good indicator for the Oscars, but it is nice that they take the time to honor independent films. It's an important part of this business and there are some great films nominated that people don't even know about. Part of that reason is that the film's budget can't afford to advertise, but it is worth making an effort to view them. They deserve it.

I'll post some reaction tomorrow. I believe the awards will be on IFC if you want to watch them.

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