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Friday, February 22, 2008

I Hate the Following Oscar Races

I'm almost done with my final predictions. I just have a couple categories that I keep going back and forth on. The hard part is that I can only choose one nominee. Here are the categories that are pissing me off the most. If you want to help me out or make me feel better since you are also confused, then drop me a line.

1. Best Supporting Actress
Obvious first choice, but what a tough category! It's Cate. No, Ruby. No, Tilda, No, Amy. Hell, it's Saoirse. Part of me hopes Ronan actually wins just to throw everyone off. I'm still in the Ruby Dee camp, but I may change my vote to Swinton. I just don't buy the late surge. Help!
2. Best Cinematography
I thought Elswit had this in the bag. Now, I think he is in serious trouble. I'm not worried Roger Deakins, but Janusz Kaminski. Yeah, the DP that already has two Oscars and did an amazing job with Diving Bell. I know people love this film and it's probably the easiest category to give it an Oscar. Help!
3. Best Costume Design
Is the green dress in Atonement enough for a win? Colleen Atwood has already won a couple Oscars, so will people want to award Sweeney? Hell, no liked Marie-Antionette and it won this category last year. Help!
4. Best Adapted Screenplay
This is a category that I think people are giving too much credit to the Coens for. I honestly believe P.T. Anderson or Ronald Harwood could pull off the huge upset. People may want to give an Oscar to P.T. and this is his best chance for a win. As for Harwood, people could give it to him for adapting Diving Bell. A foreign language film has won a screenplay Oscar recently ('02 with Talk to Her). Help!
5. Best Editing
I don't think the Coens can win four Oscars or can they? Many people believe Best Editing goes with Best Picture. It is a good way to go, but I'm leaning towards The Bourne Ultimatum. My problem is will the Academy vote for it over the other nominees based on name recognition. Help!

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