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Monday, February 25, 2008

How Will We Remember 2007?

Yeah, it's February, but with the Oscars over, it's time to really look at the year in film. Where does 2007 rank? Was it a good year? Or a bad one? What will people say 25 or 50 years from now? Will it be a year held in high regard by film historians?

I've written this before, but this is the best year of film I've experienced (born in 1985). Too young to live during the great 1994, so nothing comes close to 2007. Let's quickly look at some of the great films from this past year.

It was a year anchored by two films that I really do think will stand the test of time. At least that is how it feels. There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men will arguably be regarded as masterpieces. Paul Thomas Anderson and the Coen Brothers were on top of their game in every way. They pushed boundaries and succeeded.

Then, there are some really strong films such as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Atonement, Into the Wild, Juno, and Michael Clayton. How can you forget the comedies such as Knocked Up and Superbad? Or action films such as The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers? Or musicals such as Enchanted, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber on Fleet Street, and Across the Universe. Hell, there's even an animation that was top notch. Of course, I'm talking about Ratatouille.

The indie was also very well represented. Besides Juno there was Away from Her, Gone Baby Gone, I'm Not There, Lars and the Real Girl, Once, Rocket Science, The Savages, and Waitress.

The western came back with 3:10 to Yuma and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. There was even a couple solid biopic films such as La Vie en Rose and Charlie Wilson's War.

Granted every year has a little bit of everything, but I was blown away by some of the quality. I had such a difficult time making my top ten list this year. I left off so many great films that probably would have easily made the list the last couple years.

It's hard to put 2007 into historical context so soon, but I think it will be in great shape. Even look at the performances. Will people forget about Anton Chigurh or Daniel Plainview? Highly doubt it. They've both entered legend status. Even Cate Blanchett as Jude Quinn (aka Bob Dylan) and Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd are memorable characters. Hell, and don't forget about Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf. It's unbelievable what 2007 has given us.

Here's hoping that 2008 will be able to live up to it. The bar has been raised so high, I doubt it. Although, I don't doubt that there will be some amazing films released before the year is over.

I just know that 2007 was a special year and I feel fortunate to be able to experience it. And most importantly, be able to blog about it to you.

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