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Monday, February 25, 2008

How I Really Did

I've never been one to think that predicting the most correct categories makes you the best Oscar blogger/expert. It's the way you cover the Oscars, but here is a quick look at how I did compared to some other high profile Oscar pundits that I highly respect.

Pete Hammond 17/24 (The Envelope)
Kris Tapley 17/24 (In Contention)
Mikey Filmmaker 15/24
Tom O'Neil 15/24 (The Envelope)
Sasha Stone 15/24 (Awards Daily)
Anne Thompson 15/24 (Variety)
Pete Travers 15/24 (Rolling Stone)
Steve Pond 13/24 (The Envelope)
Scott Feinberg 12/24 (And the Winner Is...)
Jeff Wells 11/24 (Hollywood Elsewehere)

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