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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day from your neighborhood blogger. Yes, I'm single today, but that's okay because I'll survive. I think.

That picture in this post is one of those heart shaped candies. My Mom sent me a bag and what are the chances that a white heart reads "Kiss a Blogger Today"? It was like a sign from above or something. So, if you see me today and you're a female (shorter than 5'3" and attractive), feel free to just give me a kiss. I won't mind since the little heart shaped candy prepared me.

The sad part of this whole post is that heart shaped candy is in fact a fake. Did I trick you for a paragraph? Maybe? You can admit it, I won't tell anyone. I found it on the internet. Original, huh? I thought so. Still, if you want to kiss me that's okay. I'll be around.

1 comment:

soundtrackgeek said...

You know.... they should make these things with geeky stuff on it. "Kiss a blogger today" was perhaps a little weak though, and no I have nothing better. But I do think there's a fortune to be made here so get busy! Next year you can be rich and those attractive 5'3" females will be knocking on your door for sure... or maybe not.

Ah well, happy V-Day!