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Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Ending to a Horrible Week?

Feeling a little better. I think I got a small head cold, but I've been taking medication and it seems to be working. Some people probably think I'm only sick because of the Super Bowl, but I I just think it's bad timing. Even though, I live in California, it still gets cold here and it's just a law of averages that you'll feel a little under the weather at some point.

Expect another Oscar update over the weekend. I'll have WGA predictions tomorrow unless they release the winners before I get my chance. If that is the case, then here is my quick picks: Juno and No Country for Old Men. I know I do most of my updates on this blog, but also remember to check out Awards Invasion. I have some other stuff on there that I don't have on the blog.

The 1st Annual Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas Oscar Contest should be ready to go public by the end of the weekend. I don't have the resources (i.e. money or donations) to get any prizes, but it should be fun if enough people enter. Keep checking back for more info.

Here's an interesting link I found online through WEEI. Click HERE. Did the Giants commit two face mask penalties during The Great Escape. Giants may have deserved to win, but that's a 15 yard penalty on the biggest play of the biggest game of the year. Shame on the refs.

I just realized this week that WEEI (number one sports radio station in the U.S.) in Boston can be streamed online. What better way to get over the Patriots than listen to 100s of Bostonians talk about the Super Bowl. After over 20 hours of listening this past week, I think I could write a book about the Super Bowl.

One final note, if you see a guy at the Happy Ending bar on Sunset tonight, don't talk about the Patriots in his presence. My friend did that last night and I think he regretted it. He said, "If you don't pick the Best Picture correctly, who cares what else you do? It's like winning 18 straight games, then losing the Super Bowl?" For I guy I respect that has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. It was an obvious cheap shot to diss the Pats and it's lame.

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