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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Haiku Series: Ethan Coen

As I stated on my podcast last night, Ethan Coen pissed me off with his foolish and lame acceptance speeches. Here's a guy that wins three Oscars and all he says is "Thank you". He didn't even thank his wife or say something from the heart. He had to know he was going to win. Him and his brother were the frontrunners going into the Oscars. It was like a brush off.

I didn't like the Coens very much before and now I know why I don't like them. If they were trying to be funny, then "Haha." I'm not laughing. Millions of people watch the Oscars. Millions of people want to be at the podium with an Oscar in their hand. Millions of people finally get to see their filmmaking idols say something (Yes, people do admire the Coens). And that happens.

It bothers me. Just like people get bothered that Bill Belichick refuses to talk to the media. Well, this is the same thing almost. I'd argue the Coens are even more important since kids don't aspire to be head coaches. They want to be athletes. Well, kids aspire to make movies and it's hard not to respect the Coens.

I just like to see people have some heart on the stage. Embrace their moment as a great achievement. Last night, Julian said seeing his show on television would be a bigger moment. I won't lie, seeing a tv show or film with your name on it would be a huge deal. The difference is thousands of people have had that honor. Not even a hundred directors have won an Oscar. Probably a little over a hundred producers have won an Oscar. It's an elite club. The few, the proud. If all you can muster is thank you, then do it with some heart. And, I thought Coen lacked that on Sunday. Defend him if you want, but my opinion will probably not change.

After submitting that haiku to Awards Daily last week, I've been writing haikus like crazy. Every so often I will post a haiku about someone or something. Yes, it's the haiku series.

Ethan Coen
Keep saying thank you
Yes, you fail to inspire me
Go back to Fargo


Fletch said...

He may be just shy
But good god man, say something
Ethan, get a clue

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Nicely done.

Nobody Famous said...

The Coen Brothers:
Heavy with little gold men,
Light on excitement.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Bravo on a quality haiku.

Paul said...

I have to play devil's advocate with your stance on the Coen's. From what I saw, when Ethan went to say his speech the first time, Josh Borlin made a quip off-camera and Ethan turned to acknowledge it, then turned back and realized the moment was kind of ruined and simply said thank you and walked off. The second time, he used that as a joke. Maybe viewers should be rewarded with more than a few words, but I also don't think they have to do anything.

On a semi-related note regarding something you guys mentioned in your podcast, you have to realize you three do live in a little Hollywood bubble. Your average American simply doesn't care about awards for film, which is why XXX and Step Up were given sequels, and why a great show like Studio 60 didn't have good ratings. Average Americans don't care about Hollywood, and simply want to be blindly entertained without having to think.

Just my two cents. Keep up the blog and the podcast, I check 'em everyday.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Wow, you listened to the podcast! You must be the only one. Thanks for the support!

Nayana Anthony said...

I kind of enjoyed Ethan's truncated thanks. It was a bit refreshing, actually.

In general, my favorite acceptance speeches are those that are funny, anecdotal, or make a statement. My LEAST favorite are the ones that thank 60 people I've never heard of. In the case of Ethan Coen, I was thankful he did not go down that road.