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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Greatest Moments in Boston Sports Video

I have no idea where the hell part one is, but this is a great video. It was made by a bar in Boston called The Place. Apparently, they used to show it every night there. WBZ Channel 4 also aired it a couple times back in probably 2002 or 2003 on Sports Late Night. I can remember watching it and I actually have a couple versions of the video on a VHS tape back home. They kept updating it, but I'm not sure what has become of the video now. I'd love to get a new version.

Anyone on the internet familiar with it? Does WBZ still show this occasionally? I have no idea. I don't live in Boston anymore.

Regardless, great video and it always sends a chill down my spine. I'm posting it here because I'm pumped for tomorrow. Go Pats!

P.S. Hope you enjoyed my Super Bowl preview.

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