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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fortune Cookie Series: Part I

I'm going to start doing some series on this blog. I've got the Oscar Series starting next week. The Movie Collection Series is starting soon. Then, there's the Fortune Cookie Series. The premise is really simple. I like fortune cookie fortunes. I find their fortunes to be entertaining. Basically, anytime I eat somewhere and get a fortune cookie, I will post the fortune. Then, I will try to figure out what the hell it means in my life.

Comments as always are welcome. Enjoy!

You will have good luck in your personal affairs.

Sure, we have to start off with a personal fortune, but that's what the cookie gave me. I would have a lot more optimism if I was going to Sonny McLean's tomorrow due to the fact that I thought I might meet this very attractive ex-New Englander who would fall madly in love with me, we would get marry, and start of family. Anyway, that's not the case. Could their be a lucky lady at Barney's? Maybe, maybe. Although, do I really want to fall in love with someone right before Valentine's Day? No. Have sex? Yes, but not fall in love.

What if the fortune cookie is about my career? I hear the WGA strike talks are moving quickly and in the right direction. Could a settlement be near? Will I finally get a job in the entertainment industry? That could be it.

Also, what if the fortune is just about the Patriots? Maybe Boston sports are such a large part of my life that they are classified as personal affairs. If that is the case, then they will indeed win the Super Bowl and go to 19-0.

Maybe, I should start gambling? Personal affairs means money, right? That could be a sign to play the lottery and/or head to Las Vegas. I'm good at blackjack. This could be the right time to double down on 12.

This fortune is difficult to interpret. It could be taken a couple different ways as you have just read. Or maybe, it is all of above? Only time will tell what is in store for Mikey Filmmaker...

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