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Friday, February 15, 2008

Dating Season Has Begun

It's less than an hour into February 15th on the west coast, but I want to let everyone know that "Dating Season" is officially "open". I have an unwritten rule that unless I have a girlfriend before December 1st, then I will not get seriously involved with a girl until February 15th. Why? Because I don't want to spend all kinds of money for Christmas and Valentine's Day on a girl I just met. I'm sorry, but I'm cheap.

So, starting now until December 1st, I'm officially back on the market. I'd just figured I would let all my loyal readers know in case they were wondering.


Christine Vyrnon said...

I knew it! You're probably not the only guy who subscribes to this philosophy. I think I'll adapt it for myself.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

You would be surprised how much money I've saved with that philosophy.