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Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards Live

I have a confession to make. I forgot that Time Warner offers both TNT and TNT-W, which means you can watch the East Coast feed even though you live on the other side of the country. Only missed one film award, so that's good.

Updated Winner List
Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men
Best Supporting Actress: Ruby Dee, American Gangster
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Best Actress: Julie Christie, Away from Her
Best Ensemble: No Country for Old Men

5:40 p.m.: Okay, so I missed the first forty minutes. At least I'm here for the next hour and twenty minutes.

5:48 p.m: What are they saving the film awards until the very end. Only Javier Bardem has received his "actor".

6:11 p.m: Charles Durning has just been honored with the lifetime achievement award. Nice video tribute to him and short, but heartfelt speech. This show has to be running late. There's roughly 45 minutes and there is still a good amount of awards to give out.

6:19 p.m: Wish I had more stuff to write, but it's been a slow evening. Saving the movies until the end.

6:20 p.m: Mickey Rooney still kicking. 87 years young.

6:23 p.m: Okay, Mickey, stop rambling.

6:25 p.m: What's the deal with actors not showing up tonight?

6:26 p.m: In Memoriam...

6:36 p.m: Yay a movie award! Best Supporting Actress. Amy Ryan or Cate Blanchett?

6:38 p.m: Ruby Dee wins! I don't even know what to write. Huge shocker. This possibly makes Best Supporting Actress the toughest of the major awards to predict come Oscar time.

6:49 p.m: Best Actor is up next. Is there any way Daniel Day-Lewis loses?

6:51 p.m: Day-Lewis wins! He's like a juggernaut.

6:54 p.m: Best Actress is next. Looks like the awards will only go a little over two hours.

6:56 p.m: Julie Christie wins! Looking very fine tonight if I might add.

6:59 p.m: Tom Cruise comes out to introduce Best Ensemble.

7:00 p.m: No Country for Old Men wins. A bit of a surprise considering it isn't your typical ensemble piece. Just shows you how head over heals Hollywood is for this film.

7:03 p.m: Show actually ended on time. Amazing.

Final Thoughts:
Rather standard night, but did have a couple surprises. You have to start off with Ruby Dee. This makes the Best Supporting Actress award very difficult to project. Was Ruby Dee's win a hiccup? Is she really gaining steam? If you look at the other two favorites in that category you have Cate Blanchett and Amy Ryan. Cate won an Oscar three years ago. Amy is not very well known. Could the Academy possibly decide to go the career achievement route and give it to Ruby. I need more time to think about it, but that's a real possibility.

I have to mention how much of a class act Daniel Day-Lewis really is. His dedication of his award to Heath Ledger shows you why this man is so well liked. He has literally been affected by Ledger's death and he never even met him. When he won Best Actor he chose to compliment Ledger's past performances. If you missed it, he basically said how Ledger's final scene in Brokeback Mountain with the shirt is one of the greatest scenes he has ever seen. Part of me is disappointed I never got a chance to meet him back in November, but I was set on meeting Paul Thomas Anderson.

I also don't know why people continue to believe that the Best Ensemble award is a "Best Picture" award. It's not. No Country I wouldn't even call it an ensemble. Neither is a film like There Will Be Blood. Hairspray, American Gangster, and 3:10 to Yuma for example are ensemble films. Yet, I can almost guarantee that most SAG voters voted for No Country because they think it's the Best Picture.

With the DGA and SAG top prizes, you have to be living very dangerously to pick against No Country. It will probably win the PGA next weekend and the WGA the week after that. It's on a roll and I don't see it slowing down until the early morning of February 25th.

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