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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poor Little Doggy

The picture above has not bee photoshopped. And, no the dog does not have some illness that makes it turn blue. It's a simpy a deranged way for a Giants fan to show his devotion to his team. He just painted his dog blue.

I can only imagine the reaction from PETA and the general public from this. A person should not paint an animal any color. It's probably not healthy for it and I'm sure the dog is a Patriots fan. Dogs might be as smart as humans, but do you think they are dumb enough to like the Giants? I don't think so.

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Dicking Your Dragon said...

I agree with the opinions of one mike filmmaker about a certain dog. But i will even take it further. I hate people that dress their dog. There is a reason the fucker has fur. Oh..whats that its cold? why? because of the stupid fucking haircut you gave your ugly ass poodle down to its skin? Well than mam(cause no man would ever do this) who is to blame.

PS: i think that the guy who choose blue was an idiot. I know they are called "big blue" but blue is also very prominent on the pats. He should have done something more decisively giants. Like .... (fill in a joke)