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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pats Begin The Quest Tomorrow

Tomorrow night the New England Patriots will begin their quest for true perfection against the rugged Jacksonville Jaguars. A game that has plenty of intrigue, but will it really live up to the hype? I don’t think so and I’ll explain why.

Everyone on the national media wants you to think the Patriots will lose and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the 2001 Pats re-incarnated. Give me a break. I’ll give the Jaguars the credit that they are a solid team, but do they really rank in the NFL’s elite next to the Pats or even Colts? No. Hate to break it to you, but David Garrard will not lead his team to the promise land. And, Jacksonville may have the two headed running machine of Jones-Drew and Taylor, but will that carry them to a victory?

Jacksonville needs a couple things to happen tomorrow. First of all they must win the time of possession and keep the Pats off the field. Second they must take the lead and be able to run the Pats into the ground. If they fall behind big early, they will be forced to play catch up and probably have no choice, but to throw. I don’t care if David Garrard only threw three interceptions this year. He also only threw 18 touchdowns, so that wouldn’t give me much confidence.

Although, the most important reason why Jacksonville will lose is the presence of Tom Brady. The best postseason quarterback since Joe Montana. Owner of three Super Bowl rings. Two Super Bowl MVPs. One MVP and the single season touchdown record. Yeah, that guy. I may be biased, but I will never pick against the Patriots as long as Brady is under center. He’s not unbeatable in the playoffs, but he’s damn close (12-2 record).

I like the Pats. 35-24. I’ll see you in the AFC Championship.

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